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The Green County Housing Partnership is providing the following housing resource list to you. The Partnership is a proactive coalition of dedicated persons and organizations that collaborate together to educate, support, advocate, and mobilize resources in order to increase accessibility and affordability of safe, healthy, and secure housing (including substandard and transitional housing) for all Green County individuals and families.
If you would like more information regarding the Green County Housing Partnership, please contact Carol Strause at 608/938-4383.

Need help finding housing?
Check out the Housing Inventory on the Green County website, and click on Housing Information.
You can research landlords in the Green County area. Also, take a look at WHEDA's on-line Wisconsin Front Door Program,

Needing one-time financial assistance for housing?
Check with Green County Human Services' W-2/Economic Support Unit,
Salvation Army, 608/214-5256,
St. Vincent DePaul, 608/329-7837.

I'm being abused and I need to move my children and myself to a safe location, but I don't have enough money to move out. Who can I contact?
Contact Green Haven Family Advocates at 608/325-7711.

Who do I contact when my landlord won't make the necessary repairs to my rental unit to make the property safe?
Check with the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade, and Consumer Protection, or by phone 800/422-7128.
You can file a complaint with them if necessary.

Who do I contact for health-related matters in my rental unit such as mold?
Contact the Green County Public Health Department at 608/328-9390.


Who has low-income housing in Green County for Elderly and/or Disabled individuals?

  • Contact Churchill Woods in Monroe at 608/325-2949,
  • Wyndamere Place Apartments in Monroe at 608/325-1211,
  • Wittwer Apartments in Monticello at 608/938-4073,
  • Albany Arms Apartments in Albany managed by the Wisconsin Management Company at by calling 608/258-2080,
  • Riverview Apartments in Albany at 608/862-3424,
  • Brodview Manor Apartments in Brodhead at 608/897-2768,
  • The new Brodhead Senior Village in Brodhead managed by Meridian at 608/299-3696, or at$spindb.query.index.meridian You can also contact the Multi-Family Housing Section of USDA/Rural Development at 608/935-2791, extension 5.

I'm looking for low-income family housing. Who should I contact?

  • North Meadow Town Houses in Monroe by calling Meridian Group at 815/713-1970, or at$spindb.query.index.meridian
  • Monroe Village Apartments in Monroe at 608/328-4210
  • Monroe Terrace Apartments in Monroe at 608/325-2042.
  • Contact DAK Management at 800/938-3226 regarding low-income rental units in Albany and Brodhead,
  • Wisconsin Management Company at or by calling 608/258-2080 regarding units in New Glarus.
  • Multi-Family Housing Section of USDA/Rural Development at 608/935-2791, extension 5. 

I would like to purchase a home but I don't know where to start?
Check with WHEDA at and click on Home Ownership or call them at 800/334-6873.

I need to take some home buyer education classes. Who can I contact to get signed up?
You can take classes on-line through WHEDA at, or contact SWCAP at 608/935-2326 or at for their class schedule.

My home needs weatherization and I can't afford it. Who might be able to help?
Contact Project Home at 608/246-3737 or contact Green County Human Services at 608/328-9344.

My home needs some major repairs and I have limited income/assets. Who might be able to help?
Contact SWCAP at 608/935-2326 or at, or USDA/Rural Development at 608/935-2791, extension 4 or online at

I feel I need a renter's education program for myself. What trainings are out there for a renter?
Check with Green County Human Services at 608/328-9344 and ask about “Rent Smart”.