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Behind the Scenes... Many Volunteers are Needed

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Many Hands Make Light Work

Before the first hammer strikes a nail and the first wall is raised, many hours of work by dedicated volunteers has already occurred. Help set the stage by assisting in these key areas.

Committee Membership

This requires a longer term comittment, and may require monthly meetings. Join other Habitat volunteers on one of the following committees.

Church Relations Committee works to include Churches and faith groups in the ministry of Habitat for Humanity. Share your excitement about Habitat with clergy.

Public Relations Committee helps with tasks involved in getting the word out. This may include many various activities, ie: taking pictures at a build site, or putting labels on mailers.

Fund Raising Committee helps with fundraising projects. A variety of tasks from initial planning to the day of event.

Family Selection Committee includes the initial selection of partner families and includes ongoing contact and/or home visits with current and potential families.

Finance Committee stewardship of all incoming and outgoing funds as well as work with existing Habitat families.

Construction Committee help coordinate and oversee the building project. This will include a variety of tasks including working with subcontractors, setting and communicating a build schedule, determining and communication volunteer needs, etc.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinators are assigned to a specific build site and is responsible for getting the right number and skill level of volunteers to each build day as scheduled. This is a project based position that starts and can end with project completion.

Build Site Hosts are assigned to a specific build site and is responsible for checking in volunteers, assuring the liability release forms are signed and workers are educated on the safety rules.

Dedication Musicians sing or play an instrument at one of our home dedications.

Lunch Coordinators provide lunch for volunteers at or near the build site.

Habitat Resale Store Volunteers help with warehouse, cashier, and sales floor duties for our Habitat Resale Store. Visit our Volunteer - Habitat Resale Store page to learn more about volunteering for the store.


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